Friday, October 25, 2013

We're DIYing over here

Ha, get it? Die-ing & DIYing?!

Anywaysss, Halloween is like a week away and it's time to get your inner spook-on with these amazing DIYs! So, grab your pumpkins, studs, paint & get ready for your Halloween world to be blown!

SOHO Style Studded Pumpkins

1. Studded Pumpkins
Um...whoever came up with this one deserves an award! No carving & totally freaky chic? Yes, please!

Your Studded Pumpkin Supplies

What you'll need:
  • Pumpkin - whatever size, color & shape that's going to float your boat! We grabbed a Pie Pumpkin & mini Pumpkins from Target
  • Paint - we wanted to keep it chic with black & white (hello, French Twist pumpkin inspo!)
  • Studs - channel your inner punk girl & get spikes, stars or the OG studs. We grabbed one of everything!
  • Paint Brushes
Paint your pumpkins first
Make sure your pumpkin dries completely before you stud!
1. Paint your pumpkin
Get creative - paint it all one color or make it funky fresh with stripes like we did! After you've put your first coat on, wait for it to dry & go back for any touchups you might need. Be sure the paint is all dry before studding though!

These grommet studs work the best! If you get any other studs, grab some glue so they'll stick!
Stud your pumpkins however you want! Mix up the patterns, studs & colors for a cool look
2. Get your stud on
Once the paint has dried & you've taken care of any touch ups, grab your studs! Put them in a shape, pattern or randomly dot your pumpkin with studs! We did a little bit of everything!

Go crazy with your paints & studs!
3. Whoa that's a chic pumpkin!
Um, that's what all your friends are going to be saying when your pumpkins are done! Throw em on your porch, use them as a centerpiece or keep em at your desk for a festive vibe. We love using the small pumpkin as a paper weight or a book end!

Candy Corn inspired Clean Up Your Act Brush Cube
2. Candy Corn Brush Cubes
We stumbled upon this Candy Corn Jar DIY using mason jars on Pinterest (um, yes...we are pinaholics) but took it to a whole 'nother SOHO level by getting our Clean Up Your Act Brush Cubes involved. Creative...we know!

Your  Candy Corn Brush Cube Supplies...
What You'll Need:
1. Measure & cut 3 pieces of tape to wrap around the brush cube - ours were 10.4". You could totally paint directly on your cubes if you'd like but we're going for a temp festive look instead of a permanent one :)

Paint each piece of tape 
Let those pieces completely dry before you touch them!
2. Paint each piece of tape - 1 white, 1 yellow & 1 orange & let them dry. We found that putting the tape on a magazine to paint was easiest but you can paint on any service you'd like!
Wrap & smooth the tape around the cube. If you need to touch up, no worries - you can do that once the tape is on the cube :)
3. Wrap your dried pieces of tape around your cube to get the candy corn look! 

We ate candy corn while we made ours...
That was way too what? 

Still wanting to do more? We found this super cute Cat Ear DIY that we're totally wanting to wear with our Claws & Effect Envelope Clutch for a cool kitty cat look on Halloween! 

Alright freaks, get your DIY on and let us know how it goes!

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!”

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