Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trending: Ombré Eyeliners

Image via The Beauty Department

We all know that ombré hair took the fashion and beauty world by storm but we're thinking the ombré trend has taken on a new life with makeup. Well, hello gradient eyeliner!

The girls over at The Beauty Department created this funky look recently and we couldn't help but share it with you all. Don't be intimidated by this look either - it's just 4 steps long and only calls for 4 products...yes, it's that easy! SOHO's recommended product to complete this look: Get A Grip Angeld Eyeliner Brush (avail at Walgreens) 

What do you think, will you be playing with this trend or will you keep it basic with your one color eyeliner?

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!” SOHO

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toss It! Keeping Your Makeup Bag Fresh

image via Pretty n Poppington
You know that mascara you've been using for the past few months? Well, we think it's time to treat yourself to a new one! Using old makeup is a major beauty no no so we've created this little cheat sheet for you to use so you know when to toss and when to treat yourself to new products.

Ready? Let's do this!

Lip Color
  • Toss it after: 2 years! 
  • Why: Lipsticks & gloss can start to look and feel cakey. Yuck!
  • Toss it after: 3 months
  • Why: The mascara will start to dry out & make your eyelashes clumpy. Want to make it last as long as possible? Don't pump the wand when applying - make sure to pull the wand out in a single motion.  
  • Toss it after:1 - 2 years
  • Why: It won't keep you covered like it should. Make a note - powder foundation has a lifespan of 2 years however, the liquid foundations only last you for 12 months. 
Blush / Shadow
  • Toss it after: 1 - 2 years
  • Why: They'll start to harden. Keep your cream products for 1 year and your powders for 2. 
Nail Polish
  • Toss it after: 1 year
  • Why: Even our favorite colors will start to dry out and become too thick to apply evenly.
  • Toss it after: 3 months - 3 years
  • Why: Liquid liners can be growing grounds for microbial growth (um, gross!) so replace yours every 3 months. Pencils will last you longer but will still become stiff & crumbly over time. Don't forget to sharpen your pencils before each use! 
Still Not Sure?!?
Can't tel if you should toss your favorite beauty product? If you have your doubts, part ways with it if...
  • It smells funny when you open it.
  • It's changed color - yes, that yellow or brown color is not normal!
  • Its consistency is off ... those layers are not normal! 
X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!” SOHO

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To: Ombré Nails

There's no denying that nail art is hot right now but one nail trend we can't seem to shake is ombré nails. We know what you're thinking 'I can't do that myself'! But, you're wrong! Getting this look is a lot easier than you think and you definitely don't need to break the bank to get it.

Grab our Beauty Sponge (just $4.97 at Walmart) & start taking notes Beauty Babes, your nails are about to get a makeover!

Here is an amazing tutorial we found to help you get the look:

Image via: The Beauty Department

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!” SOHO

Beauty FREAKS Unite!

First of all, welcome to our shiny new blog! We’ve been busy as can be lately with creating not only new, fab products for you to love, but new ways to keep connected with you guys.

We recently sponsored Ipsy’s Generation Beauty event in the heart of LA, CA! It was a total blast because we got to hang out with our fav bloggers & vloggers, and beauty junkies like you! For the first time ever, we let SOHO Beauty fans become designers. We invited Gen Beauty attendees to pick their favorite SOHO body fabric, liner fabric, and zippers to create their own unique train case design. 10 lucky winners were chosen to receive a one of a kind makeup bag they designed! Our team is working on those bags right now, and we can’t WAIT ‘til we can show you how COOL they turned out!

The week of Gen Beauty, we launched our official SOHO Beauty Instagram with scenes from the event and a super cool giveaway. Check this sweet prize—

So that’s what we’ve been up to, here’s what’s coming soon! Game of Thrones fans will tell you that “winter is coming”, but summer is in full swing at SOHO! We’re rockin it out with our fav summer goodies – the Surfette collection!

Watch this space, lovelies! There’s tons of fun things coming your way. From sneak peeks at upcoming collections to lifesaving beauty DIYs and fabulous giveaways, we are going to make this one awesome summer.

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!”