Monday, October 14, 2013

Dopest Halloween Looks for 2013

We have been thinking Halloween for weeks now and cant wait to try out the most legit amazing looks going on right now. Yeah, Zombies, Vampires and the occasional banana but that’s NOT where we are headed. We want to stand out and look hot while we are at it!

Top Three Scene Stealer Sexy (not nurse) Costumes

 1.Pop Art Comic Girls. Lichtenstein was a way prolific pop artist of the 60’s and his must have prints are everywhere right now. How cool is it to become 2d and bring this artist’s work to life? Um, very cool. Lictenstein LOVED blondes (but don’t we all?) So, don’t forget to either pick out a 60s era blonde wig or, even better…mold the hair you have with heavy hold styling gel and pick up some yellow spray hair paint. Don’t hold back on those brows either, its all about that heavy black dramatic brow to give you that comic book expression. Keep your face dots small and close together. Otherwise, you just look like you got a bad case of the measles…This is a super cool makeup look that is easy to replicate but looks like a hard core pro did it.


2. Sugar Skulls. How to look mysteriously beautiful and spooky all at once? Sugar Skulls. Be as elaborate or simple as you fancy. We cant get enough of spider webs and flowers combined. Brush on designs with crème eyeliner. To keep your skin looking beautiful, mix your own foundation with white face paint. This keeps the texture smooth and gives you a more realistic flattering white. And girl, don’t be afraid to get that hair big either. Add in extensions and tease into an elaborate updo. Don’t worry about it being perfect, it should be a bit messy.

3. Pin Up. This is your chance to be the bombshell of the room. Who wouldn’t want to be glammed up when everyone else spent their night trying to figure out how much toilet paper to stick on their face is too much. Let the guys worry about that Zombie stuff. We want to look like Marylin Monroe, please. Must haves? Red and deep wine toned lips shaped full and pouty. Add a strategic mole like, below one eye or around the mouth. Eye shadow should be light with a bit of contouring in the crease. Lashes MUST be full. Add two demure sets instead of one large pair so they are full and fluttery. Set your hair in old school rollers earlier in the day for authenticity. Lots of hairspray, that style should not move. And if you want, throw on that nurse costume! Vavavoom….

Need some extra know how? YouTube baby, we know you are already typing it in!

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!”

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