Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Girls Night In

What’s a stressed, tired and cranky girl to do? Plan a party! When life gets completely overwhelming and we just need some me and my girl’s time, that’s when it is time to chillax. And SOHO Beauty is your party planner to the rescue!

Get a couple of friends together to pamper and pretty your way to bliss. Start out with setting the mood. Pick a spot in your place that is peaceful and close to the kitchen or bathroom. Get your spa on with scented candles and semi dim lighting. Play some chill tunes. We like to set out a few yoga mats for stretching and relaxing in between treatments. (Ohhhhmmmmmmm)

Treat yourselves to delicious snacks. No girl, put the Cheeto’s away. We want to feel healthy and pretty on the inside as well. Serve chilled water with cucumber and raspberries. Cucumber is an UBER hydrator while raspberries are a super food that keeps us lookin’ young. Guac and kale chips for healthy and glowing skin. You get the idea…

So, what’s the beauty 411 you ask? Here’s a beauty breakdown for optimum babeness.

Start out with a good scrub down. Sugar scrubs gently brush off dry flaky skin for sure. But, they also help with circulation by bringing blood to the surface which keeps skin cells plump and healthy. Thas some mega glow.  Wanna DIY it? Mix brown or white sugar into some grape seed or olive oil. Add a soft scent like lavender oil or vanilla. Pre mix it and have small bowls ready for the girls when they arrive. Ultra chic touch? A few lavender flower petals floating at the top. Tip: Have your guests bring large beach towels and bathrobes to KEEP IT NEAT.

Warm milk is so cozy. Especially when our toes are soaking in it. Fill foot baths or large tubs with warm whole milk scented with almond extract. The lactic acid softens rough heals and skin. Do quick pedis before you soak for ultimate results.

Have several facial masks available so each girl can customize to her unique needs. Even cooler? Set up a “Facial Bar” Fill a table with ingredients and small bowls. Now you can all make your own awesome mix. Small cards describing each ingredient will give hints for the perfect mix.  Our fave ingredients for a facial bar are oats for gentle exfoliation and moisture. Yogurt for oily, break-out prone skin.  Lemon juice for evening out skin tone and combating fine lines.  Tip: Lemon juice also zaps dandruff. Rub it on the scalp before adding a hair mask.

Have plastic wrap and hair dryers close by. Apply a favorite hair conditioner or hair mask. Wrap each others’ heads in plastic wrap. Heat with a hair dryer for a deep deep condition. Gorgeous locks to follow.

When everyone looks and feels silky and smooth, relax with a fave chick flik, a cozy fire and some wine. Heaven.

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!”

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