Monday, October 28, 2013

Lash Out!

Let’s talk lashes. Every girl wants long, fluttery lashes. #DUH!

So, what’s up with your lashes? Whatever you think of them now, after a few of these tricks, they are gonna be rad, promise.

Mascara, yeah no doi! But seriously, how you apply it is so crucial. First, lets talk about thickness. Of course we want thick! But not clumpy. Here’s the deal, make the base of the lashes thicker but keep the ends of your lashes soft and separated. Before you even get the mascara out, find a firm but soft synthetic brush. Get a Grips’ Eyeliner Brush is actually the perfect choice. Put a small bit of mascara on the tip of the brush and gently pat it into the base of your lashes. Careful not get it on your eyelid but as close to it as humanly possible. Then and only then do you whip out that mascara wand. Using it like a pencil, drag mascara from the edge of what you just applied out toward the ends. Wipe away excess mascara of the wand. Take your almost dry wand and swipe through to the lash ends. Look in the mirror and admire how large and fierce your eyes look. Yet, so feathery and soft.

One of our faves... MAC's Zoom Lash
Falcies.  There’s strip, and individuals to consider. If you want to add some glam, this is for sure the way to go! To add fullness across your entire eye, we recommend a strip. You can pick anything from super long and thick to very light and natural. They even come in different shades like brown and auburn. We like to use the strips with invisible bands. They are super flexible and easy to apply.  You need, an adjustable mirror on a stand, tweezers, lash glue and a small pair of manicure scissors. Once you get the lash out of the package with the tweezers, you need to measure. Hold it up to your lash to see how much excess needs to be cut, if any. If it’s a small amount, cut from the outside edge of the lash. If it’s a lot, cut from the inside and outside evenly. Try to avoid cutting from the inside if you can. Apply a small amount of glue to the strip of the lash, still holding with tweezers. Let it dry long enough to get tacky. If its too wet it won’t stick and slides around. Use the tweezers in the middle of the strip to place the strip at the base of the lashes. Have the mirror set so you can hold your eyes half open to see but closed enough to place the lash. Once the lashes are on your eye perfectly, press the strip into the base of your lashes to secure them. Hold your eyes half closed to let it dry a bit. Repeat.

Ardell's Fairies Black Lashes

As for individual lashes, use the same techniques as he strip that apply and just add the individuals where you want length. For a cat eye, put lashes on the outer corners. To open eyes up and make more round, apply to the center above your iris.
Lookin’ great Doll!

Ardell's Medium Black Individual Lashes

So, what do we do to keep our natural lashes looking amaze and feeling healthy? For one, always GENTLY remove mascara. Especially before sleep. Use a creamy or oil based makeup remover. If you are wearing waterproof, let the remover sit a few seconds before gently wiping away with cotton (not tissue) Cotton pulls at lashes and skin much less than anything else.
Use eye cream. When the skin on your eyes is moisturized so are your lashes. Keeping the dryness away prevents brittle breaking lashes. Healthy moisturized skin grows lashes better, thicker and longer.

Eat healthy! Eating healthy and balanced with plenty of good oils keeps our skin and hair beautiful! And, that includes our lashes.

Have a special Lash technique you prefer? Leave us a comment & share!!

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!”

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