Monday, September 16, 2013

Take a Brow

Brows have a super huge impact on not only your eyes but, on your entire identity! (ok, maybe not really but… kind of) If they are filled in wrong or uneven, it changes your look dramatically. SOOO not ok. Guess what?! We’re taking a minute to show you the do’s for bombshell brows. (And, a few don’ts too)

First, pick the right color. The most natural color is going to be two shades lighter than your hair if your hair is dark. If your hair is dark brown or black, please, please, do not put black in your brows unless your next job interview has the word vampire in the description.
If your hair is light, go one to two shades darker.

And remember, color tends to show redder on skin so always choose a color that is ashy or taupe. If you have red hair choose a neutral color. Because again, its going to go more red once its on.

Got it? Ok, lets move on.

Your brow should start directly above your tear duct. If the hair is sparse or thin, fill it in. Bring out your arch by slightly filling in at the top of your brow above the arch. And, finish the brow by making sure it ends at a 45 degree angle from the corner of your eye. If not, extend it.

Now, to fill in.

Take a flat angle brush. Hint: the pros often use a flat angle eyeliner brush for the job. You can too with Get A Grip eyeliner brush. Its fab for the job.
You can use a powder with a teensy bit of water, colored brow wax or opt for a fine point pencil. Trace the outer edge of the brow. If brows are missing hair, just follow along the new edge right below gap or sparse area.

Once you have the outer brow shaped take your brush and fill in the brow with feathery strokes. Use the bristles to blend the hairs with the brow product.

For quick easy cleanup, take a damp cotton swab and trace around the brow for a clean edge…Viola!

Us girls at Soho love keeping our brows bangin’. Now you know how we do it.

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!” 

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