Friday, September 20, 2013

It's a FIVE-fer!

Yes, we know our Envelope Clutch is technically a makeup bag but let's be real... just 1 funk-tion is so Snoozeville, USA! (get it... snooooooozeville?!? eh? eh?)

Alas, we bring you the Claws & Effect Envelope Clutch 5 ways... aka the FIVE-fer:

SOHO Claws & Effect Clutch as a Clutch
1. Clutch
Um, it has the word in it's name sooo you should probably get used to the idea that this bad boy can totally hit the streets with you - day or night!

SOHO Claws & Effect Clutch as a Tablet Sleeve
2. Tablet Sleeve
Cause every girl has a little chic tech geek in her. Your iPad/tablet should look just as good as you do
so why not tote it around in this trendy little number?

SOHO Claws & Effect Clutch as Makeup Bag
3. Makeup Bag
Yes, we know this is the obvious use but it's kind of our job to point that out :) Throw your eyeshadow palettes, brushes & all your everyday essentials in this little number for easy access.

SOHO Claws & Effect Clutch as Pencil Case
4. Pencil Case
We're fans of the original pencil case but why not get a little crazy with it? Flat enough to not take up too much room in your bag but still hold all your school needs - mini post-its, pen, pencils, etc. Your classmates are totes gunna be jealous!

SOHO Claws & Effect Clutch as Nail Polish Holder
5. Nail Polish Holder
Sometimes, you just gotta bring your own colors to the nail salon & this clutch is going to do that for you... while also making you the talk of the salon! You think people are going to be talking about your nail color? Think again!

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!”

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