Monday, September 23, 2013

Mega Makeover Moment - Highlighting

When we discovered how instantly gorge we looked with highlighting we decided to pass this FYI on. Biggest deal ever!

Where do I even begin you ask? Here’s the how and why highlighting is gonna make your Friday night insta selfie worthy. (kaboooooom)

Inner corners of eyes: Gives you that wide doe eyed look.

Temples and upper cheekbones: For supermodel chiseled bone structure.

Bridge of nose: a narrow highlight from between the eyes to the tip of your nose elongates your face and adds symmetry. Keep this one in check, if you over highlight, you just get a big nose.

Cupids bow: a little light right above the upper lip creates a fullness that adds a bit of pout.

Center of forehead and bottom of chin: Pulls whole look together

Little something extra, when wearing bitty straps or going strapless add some highlight to your collarbone, tips of shoulders and cleavage: just makes you look that much hotter. (rawrrrr)

Tools of the trade: You can highlight with a shimmery cream or powder. Powder lasts longer but cream looks more dewy and natural. Use a synthetic brush like Get a Grip Foundation Brush for cream. For powder fluffy soft brushes like Get a Grip Eyeshadow Brush for small areas and Get a Grip Blush Brush for the larger areas are the best choices.
Get a Grip Foundation Brush
Get a Grip Eyeshadow Brush
Get a Grip Blush Brush
At Soho, we are loving our goddess status with rose gold tones. What highlight colors will you try?

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!”

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