Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NAILED IT: The SOHO Pencil Case

What’s your current beauty addiction? Tricked-out nails get the vote at SOHO. Nails are totally taking the beauty industry limelight! 

Factoid: 2012 nail polish sales were at $768 million. That’s a lot of color! (pushes glasses up nose)

Polish, wraps, nail art sets, brushes, tips, we <3 all of it! And regardless if you are a newbie, hobbyist or semi pro, you need to keep it neat. And that’s our area of expertise… mmmkay!

Enter London Soho New York Double Zip Pencil Case. It’s perf for a small collection of polish. It holds up to 11 full size polish bottles and has a separate zippered compartment in the front for storing your nail art tools, nail wraps and any smaller nail accessories. (STUDS! We love nail studs!!)
Not only is it ultra cute and compact, it is durable and cost affective. At $9.99, you can stock up and house tons-o mini collections. By color… by look… whatevs! Put your faves together to carry for quick color changes or mani trips.

Best part? Our Double Zip Pencil case is avail in our BOHO BLEU, GLOWING WILD, and CLAWS & EFFECT collections… go ahead take your pick!

So tell us, which one is your soon-to-be nail solution?

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