Monday, August 5, 2013

Fast Fixes: Beauty 911 For Those Last Minute Plans

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We've all found ourselves in the middle of a beauty emergency right before a date, girls night or last minute plans and just panicked - not knowing how to get ourselves out of the dilemma. Well, that's enough of that! We've done our homework and are giving you some solutions to your recent beauty "OMG" moments...

Your Nails Are A War Zone
You're already halfway out the door when you realize your nails needed a mani like yesterday!
  • No Time To Waste: Grab some nail stickers or quickly rub the chipped polish off & throw on a clear coat!
  • Got an Hour: Pop into your local nail salon but chose a textured polish - they dry faster!
You Don't Have Your Makeup
Headed from the office to a date and totally don't have your date face on.
  • No Time To Waste: Grab your lipstick and swipe some on. Then dab that same color onto the apples of your cheeks - um, hello blush! Grab a damp cloth and wipe along your lash line - this morning's eyeliners has never looked so good!
  • Got an Hour: Pop into the nearest department store and hit the makeup counter pronto. You can get a little touch up to this morning's look and discover some new always have time to treat yourself, right?!?
Your Hair Needs Some Major Volume
Your hair is so not putting in overtime and is just flat or greasy
  • No Time To Waste: Yes, this is why they invented dry shampoo! Spray or sprinkle your favorite brand onto your roots, let it dry then tossle away any extra residue. 
  • Got An Hour: Spoil yourself to a blow out at the salon...yes, we're in love with the dry bar craze that is popping up all over the country 
You Totally Need To Shower
We've all been there - all you want to do is rinse before meeting the girls for drinks but there is just no time!
  • No Time To Waste: Well, hello cleansing wipes and your favorite perfume. This is for emergencies only, girls!
  • Got An Hour: Head to your gym or if you're close enough, home for a quick body wash.  
You Knew You Should Have Shaved This Morning
Yup, he called for an impromptu date and you skipped shaving your legs this morning...
  • No Time To Waste: Run over to your local drug store and buy a razor. You can quickly get the job done by shaving with hand or body lotion
  • Got An Hour: Pop into your local waxer - gets the job done quickly! 
X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!” 

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