Friday, August 2, 2013

Must Have Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes come in all different shapes & sizes, it's hard to keep track of what we actually need and what's just going to sit and collect dust. Here, we're breaking down what brushes to keep and what you need to go out and buy pronto!

All Over Eyeshadow Brush: The basic eyeshadow tool, also known as an all over lid brush. This brush is great to start any eye look and applies perfect coverage of your base color.
How To Use: Apply shadow to the lid & brow bones, contour the crease and to blend.

Blush Brush: This brush is pretty self explanatory.  It's big fluffy bristles are great for applying blush or bronzers during the warmer months!
How To Use: Apply color to the apples of your cheeks. Place on the center of the apple and blend along your cheekbone.

Eyeliner Brush: The shorts stiff bristles on this brush makes applying liquid or cream eyeliner a piece of cake!
How To Use: Grab your favorite liquid liner and apply along the upper lash line for a clean look.

Foundation Brush: Every girl's secret weapon. This brush allows you to obtain that flawless finish we all wish we just woke up with! How To Use: Apply foundation to face and smooth in for a complete coverage - be sure to blend your foundation down your neck too!

Highlighter Brush: This brush is ultra soft and fluffy to help accentuate and add texture to your overall look. How To Use: Apply your highlighting powder to cheekbones and brow areas. Can even be used to apply your liquid foundation if need be!

Kabuki Brush: This brush can do it all! With extra fluffy bristles, you can apply any loose powder, foundation, highlighters or bronzers with this bad boy! Plus, with it's compact shape, it's perfect for traveling!
How To Use: Apply powder to cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin for an even look!

Powder Brush: This large fluffy brush with soft bristles is great for applying powder to finish off your look.
How To Use: Apply loose and pressed powders under eyes and around the nose.

Alright, these are the 7 brushes we're swearing by right now! Don't forget to get your essential brushes from our Get A Grip brush line (available at Walgreens) - affordable, totally easy to experiment with and gets you through your everyday beauty routine!

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!” 

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