Monday, November 4, 2013

Cut the Clutter: Pt.1

With the holidays almost upon us, we at SOHO Beauty are drooling over all the new fall collections from our fave makeup lines. All we want to do is go SHOPPING! But, when we look at all our previous makeup hauls, we know we have got to get that in order before we bring in even more. How else would we make room for all the cool new colors we want? So, here is our pre-holiday clean up and clean out!

First, we pulled all our makeup out of everywhere we have stashed it.  O-M-G. There was a lot! We keep it neat for sure but, when you get it all and lay it out….Woah. And, if you are not quite the neat freaks we love to be here at SOHO Beauty, you may be doing a little more than laying it out. Here are a couple steps for cleaning up and clearing out.

Once your makeup is all gathered in one place it needs to get organized. Separate all your shadows, lip pencils, glosses, blush, etc into individual groups.  Focusing on one group at a time, pull out the stuff that is in new/pristine condition. If you love the packaging and you just bought it, set it aside. Do that for each group. When you have that stuff all together we suggest you store it in a SOHOBeauty Case. Hey! Kinda feels like you just went shopping already, right?

The next step will be either painful or cathartic. Pick a group like lipsticks. Open them all and line them up. Divide by color; pink, red, nude etc. If you have too many of one color, decide if it’s really worth keeping 8 red lipsticks that are all pretty much the same shade. Come on… you know the answer. Also check how they smell. If you can remember which ones you have had the longest or they are starting to get funky- chuck ‘em! Do this for all your glosses, cream shadows, foundations, concealers. Anything creamy. The cream stuff spoils. And ew, you know you don’t want to wear spoiled makeup.

Good luck, & happy cleaning! OH, and watch this space part two of Cut the Clutter!

X’s & O’s and remember to “keep it neat, FREAK!” 

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